Paul's 1956 Packard Executive Project

This Special Section highlights the unique and innovative aspects of my friend Paul's restoration and upgrade of his 1956 Packard Executive.


Paul of North Las Vegas, NV has many owned Packards since the 1970s. Recently after retiring, Paul and his wife Sue Ann decided to restore their 1956 Executive 2Dr hardtop. It had been Pauls reliable work car for over 300,000 miles, but had been parked since 1989.

But, this would NOT be an ordinary restoration in the sense of returning his Exec to exactly original condition. Instead, Paul would enhance several of his Exec's major subsystems to more modern design, while keeping within the spirit of What if? Packard had continued to produce high quality, innovative vehicles for at least a couple more decades.

Debut September 10, 2005

Debut Party
Exterior Views
Interior Views
Engine Bay

Paul's Innovations

Power Brake Conversion
Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion
Power Steering Conversion
Pneumatic Clutch and Shifter
Engine with accessories

Paul's Restoration

Before restoration
Torsion-Level Chassis
Body Prepped
Body Painted
Body Trim

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