Paul's 1956 Packard Executive Project

Engine and Accessories

The engine is Paul's Executive is the original 352CID bored 0.125" to equal 374CID, the same displacement as the 1956 Senior Packards. The only non-stock internal engine part is a stock spec camshaft reground for mechanical lifters matched with adjustable pushrods. The best aspect of the engine is all the accessories; visible in one or more of the following pictures are:
alternator replaces generator
a/c compressor to keep cool in NV
pneumatic pump for clutch and shifter
hydraulic pump for brakes and steering
dual quad intake from a 1956 Caribbean
dual Edelbrock Performers replace Rochestor 4GCs
dual air cleaners replace "Bat Wing" oil bath cleaner
wire loom tubes replaces stock looms

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