1956 Packard Panther Project

Electric Power Window Conversion


I have fixed or replaced the driver-side power window electric motor in my 1955 Patrician about a half-dozen times over the 16 years I have owned it. Since new motors cannot be purchased, I was reduced to making 1 good motor out of 2 or 3 cores that didn't work. About 6 months ago I went through the last of my cores plus 1 that my friend Paul in Las Vegas had. A couple of weeks ago that one quit and I was fed up with this situation, so I decided to fix it permanently.

I chose Autoloc brand model PW5500 "2 Door Flat Power Window Kit U-Wire Driver/Passengers" kit. There are probably others, but I could buy this from Summit Racing online and get free shipping.

The first sequence is to remove the inside finish molding around the front window, the door handle, the power window 4-switch, the door panel, the window regulator & motor and the window glass. All this is described in the Body section (XIX) of the 1955-56 Service Manual, so I won't cover it further here.

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