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"Cancer" (rust through)

Fortunately there was very little badly rusted sheet metal on the 1956 Clipper Super 2Dr when I bought it to be the basis of Panther, but there was some at the lower left rear of the body. There was also some surface rust, but that will all clean up during body prep.

Left outside lower front of rear wheel well:

Inside of above:

Left outside lower rear of rear wheel well:

Inside of above:

Above cancer removed, awaiting replacement panel:


There were also some dents in the body big enough to NOT fix with filler.

  1. Left front fender eyebrow.
  2. Left & right doors.
  3. Rocker panel below right front door.
These dents were repaired as follows:

1. Here's a picture of the significant dent in the left front fender inner eyebrow of the 1956 Executive 4Dr donor car:

This is a difficult dent to fix because it is large, wavy and one cannot get to it from the reverse side. I decided to use another left front fender off of one of my 1956 400 donor cars. That fender had its own problems, but those were easier to fix. Additionally, there were no line of upper trim holes on the outside like there were on the Executive fender. The trim holes were to be filled in and smoothed for use on the Panther and not having them there in the first place was even better.

Executive (top) vs 400 (bottom) left front fender comparison:

There were two problems with the 400 left front fender: inner fenderwell sheet metal was rusted and bent and I didn't want the antenna hole in the top rear. I fixed the former by cutting out the corresponding section of the original Clipper fender and welding it in.

I fixed the latter by cutting out the corresponding section of the Executive fender and welding it in.
2. Left & right doors

The right door had a fairly significant dent that required a welded pull stud and an internal push block to get nearly straight.

The remainder of the dent was first filled with JBWeld.

The left door only had a minor dent first filled with JBWeld.

3. Rocker panel below right front door

There were three locations on the right rocker panel that were dented. They were all pulled out nearly even by welding pull studs to them and using a slide hammer grab tool. The surface was then filled and smoothed by JBWeld. Later, Bondo will be used as one of the last prep steps.

NOTE: This subproject is ongoing...to be continued.

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