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Webmaster's 1955 Patrician

The Patrician was the top of the line 4-dr sedan offered by Packard in 1955. The one owned by the Webmaster is #640 out of 9,127 produced. It is equipped with the 352 V-8 with Rochester 4GC carb producing 260hp@4600rpm. It has the Twin-Ultramatic and Torsion-Level suspension. It also has power steering and power brakes. All of aforementined were standard on that model. It's options included four-way power front seats, power windows, under front seat heater (removed as not needed in Southern Nevada), windshield washer (removed), and hi-lo rear view mirror. It is an original car ("survivor") which has been well maintained and repainted about 20 years ago. The Webmaster found it through an Internet ad liquidating a collector's private museum collection.

Notice the "WHOWNS1" personalized license plate. For those non-Packard web surfers, it's a varient on Packard's long standing advertising slogan, "Ask The Man Who Owns One".

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