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LED Lights Subproject


The Packard headlights are 7" in diameter, so theoretically any 7" replacement lens would work. I chose the J.W. Speaker model 8700 Evolution 2 pair of lights. Their website says this about them:
"...a high performance LED headlight, designed to be a direct replacement for 7"...headlights. It offers superior visibility, safety, and durability making it the most advanced 7" LED headlight available."

They were expensive and one must power it with a relay (for low/high beam), but they really put out the light while remaining DOT legal in all 50 states. Besides, they look cool.


The taillight bulbs are also LED. The ones I chose replace the standard incandescent 1157 bulb is the Rohs CE 1157 in 18SMD-White. It has 18 LEDS, 3 pointing backwards and 15 around the circumference. On "taillight" mode, the intensity is half that of "stoplight" mode. The latter is also used as "turn signal" and "emergency flasher" mode. The latter requires a special LED flasher on the fuse block.

The backup lights are also LED and similar, but are run on a separate circuit controlled by the switch on the reverse lever of the 4-speed shifter.

Other LEDS

I used LEDs anywhere there was an incandescent bulb. This included:

This concludes the LED Lights and Restomod subprojects.

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