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1954½ Panther #3

1954½ Panther #4 (double click for another view)

The second pair of Panthers, one a hard top, the other a convertible, were produced for the two men who headed up the two companies that fabricated the bodies for the cars: Don Mitchell of Mitchell-Bentley and Rick Terry of Creative Industries. These two Panthers were redesigned with famous "cathedral" rear tail lights like the production Senior Packards of 1955.

They all had one-piece fiberglass bodies. They were all roadsters, with just one seat. They came at a time when sports car fever was rampant what with the new Corvette, Thunderbird, the Darrin, and even the Nash-Healey. Unfortunately, Packard didn't have the financial wherewithal to put the Panthers in production, so the idea died with these four.

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