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Steel 3-tube Headers for 1955-56 Packard V-8 Subproject

The stock cast iron exhaust manifolds on the 1955-56 Packard V-8 engine are known as "log type" manifolds because they are shaped similar to a simple wooden log. These manifolds collect engine exhaust from the four cylinders on each side of the V-8 and deliver it to an exhaust pipe plumbed to the rest of the exhaust system. High efficiency and performance was NOT in the design criteria.

As well known technique for increasing engine horsepower and torque is to replace the restrictive log exhaust manifolds with steel tubular headers. On a stock 1955 Packard 352 V-8, one could expect over a 30 horsepower gain with just the use of headers compared to the stock exhaust manifolds. Of course, other coordinated engine changes will produce even higher increases.

The problem is that no one currently makes or, as far as I know, has EVER MADE headers for the Packard V-8 in the stock Packard body & chassis. So, I decided to make at least one set myself for my Panther Project.

The major steps necessary to accomplish this are as follows:

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