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4-speed Floor Shifter


A new Hurst "Competition-Plus" floor shifter (part 3916848) for the B-W T-10 4-speed for 1963-65 Ford Galaxy is available from aftermarket sources. However, it is over $300! Fortunately for me, my friend Paul in Las Vegas had an original Ford floor shifter that he was not using (1963 Ford Galaxy 500 427 pictured):

Paul's Galaxy 500 shifter was missing the shift arms & levers and the shift knob was in poor condition. However, upon disassembly and inspection, the mechanical parts were in excellent condition. The solution I used was to purchase a Summit Racing "Universal Shifter" and only use those parts (arms, levers & knob) that I needed for the Ford components. Also, the original Ford Galaxy shifter has a "reverse lockout" whereas neither the Hurst nor Summit shift has that.

Modifying and fitting the generic shifter parts

Assembled modified shifter trial fitted on a B-W T-10:

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