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Hydraulic Clutch & Pressure Plate Subproject

Very few 1955-56 Packards were equipped with the T-85 manual transmission. Therefore, the associated clutch parts (bellhousing, pressure plate, disc, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing, throw-out arm, clutch pedal and pivot linkage) are pretty rare. I was lucky to obtain them some years ago in a trade and kept them for my Panther.

Clutch Pedal Assembly

The Packard clutch pedal assembly is a through-the-floor type and is kind of a "Rube Goldberg" linkage:

To simplify this, I decided to use a modern "hot rod" aftermarket hanging pedal actuating a hydraulic Master Cylinder (MC) connected to a hydraulic slave throw-out bearing. This eliminates all the "Rube Goldberg" linkage.

I mounted the MC on the body indent outwards from the rear two hood hinge attachment holes. This is also where my friend Paul in Las Vegas mounted his pneumatic MC for his clutch pedal.

The "rubber boot" is a neoprene rubber bellow #BS-5036 cut down to fit.

The clutch pedal lever will be reshaped similar to the brake pedal lever.

Pilot bearing and flywheel

Pressure Plate Assembly

Hydraulic Slave Throw-out Bearing

NOTE: This subproject is ongoing...to be continued.

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