1956 Packard Panther Project

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Modern Brake Booster & Dual-master Cylinder Subproject

Booster mounting

I used essentially the same Master Power Brakes (MPB) dual diaphram small (7") diameter booster on my Panther that I used on my 1955 Patrician (click here for details) except I mounted it high on the firewall like a modern car.

This booster position clears the 5" vent tube below, the hood at the top and the hinge on the D-side.

Brake pedal modifiations

While keeping the pedal in the same location, the stock 1956 hanging brake pedal pivot has to be relocated to achieve 4:1 leverage and the lever arm modified to work with the MPB booster pushrod.

Stock brake pedal at original stock location:

NOTE: clutch pedal (left) installation discussed here.

NOTE: This subproject is ongoing...to be continued.

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