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Battery Relocation To Trunk Subproject

1955-56 Packards were upgraded to 12V compared to prior years 6V systems. 1955 Packards used a positive ground, whereas 1956 Packards were switched to the then industry standard of negative ground. In either case, the 12V top-terminal battery was located in a tray attached to the D-side front inner fenderwell. This location is mostly a matter of convenience due to the battery's proximity to the starter solenoid and firewall. However, this same location adds weight to the front of the already front-heavy car and is in a hot environment in the engine compartment which cannot help battery life.

I decided to use one of the modern battery relocation kits for a P-side trunk position as used in many race cars. This location gets 60+ lbs off the front end and also to the side away from the driver. Both will better weight balance the Panther.

Here's a good relocation kit from Summit Racing.
It uses a regular size, top-terminal battery (not supplied).

Here are pictures of the battery relocation in the trunk.

NOTE: This subproject is ongoing...to be continued.

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