1956 Packard Panther Project

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Which production Packard should be the modified into the Panther?

As noted in The Inspiration section, the last two of the fiberglass Panthers had "cathedral" rear taillights. This suggests that a 1955-56 Packard 400 (a 2-dr hardtop) could be the basis of my Panther project.

1955 400

On the other hand the Panthers were 122" wheelbase like the Clippers and 1956 Executive. They also could be higher performance vehicles because smaller wheelbase translated into about 300lb less weight than the 400. This indicates that a 1956 2-door Hardtop Clipper or Executive should be the base vehicle.

1956 Executive

The COLLECTIBLE AUTOMOBILE article states that the 2-dr 1956 Executive would have been their choice. Now to find one...

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