1956 Packard Panther Project

Oil Bath-to-Paper Air Filter Conversion

The oil bath air filter works fine, but in my experience, the oil tends to weep out onto the carb and intake manifold over time, creating a "messy situation" .

This conversion could not be simpler if you have the 1955-56 single 4bbl air cleaner housing. Just remove the oil bath element and clean out all the oil with a suitable solvent. Buy an aftermarket 10" (actually 9¾ODx8⅛IDx2⅝HT) paper air cleaner kit which includes the top and bottom (I got my at Pep Boys). Throw away the bottom plate which is designed to fit on the carb directly. Install the paper element and top inside the Packard air cleaner base. Put on the Packard top over it and tighten down the nut. You're done! Ignore the fact that the aftermarket aircleaner top says "Chevrolet" or maybe something else because it will be hidden inside the Packard top.

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