1956 Packard Panther Project

Adjustable Torsion-Level Links

The Packard Torsion-Level (T-L) suspension will automatically compensate for variable loads and levelize the car accordingly. What it will not compensate for is "sag" in one of the main (full length) torsion bars. This "sag" may occur over time and will cause a T-L Packard to ride lower overall or lower side-to-side than designed.

Such was the case recently with my 1955 Patrician. It was one inch lower on the left (driver) side than on the right side. Additionally, the right (passenger) side was one inch lower than specified. I modified the front T-L links to make them adjustable to solve this problem. This Special Project shows the adjustable links and how I installed them.

Here is a picture of an installed stock front Torsion-Level link (circled):

Here are both front links from my 1955 Patrician after having been modified to be adjustable:

The modifications consist of:

  • machining a steel sleeve
  • drilling a thru-hole in the sleeve
  • threading the thru-hole
  • milling flats on each side for a wrench
  • cutting the stock link in two, one end shorter
  • threading the longer link to match the sleeve
  • cutting down the shorter link to fit the sleeve
  • obtaining or making a matching locknut

Within reason, the link may be assembled shorter or longer as needed. In the case of my 1955 Patrician, I made one sleeve 1" longer than the other. This longer link will be installed on the left (driver) side.

The links may be replaced following normal service proceedure. However, instead of using special tool J-6065 shown here:

I used heavy-duty chain links. Here are the chains, bolts and washers needed:
NOTE: The front sway bar end must be disconnected, but the lower control arm stays in place.

Here is the adjustable link installed, just prior to removing the chain:

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