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Air Conditioning & Heater Subproject

Very few 1955-56 Packards were equipped with factory or dealer-installed air conditioning, although both were available at extra cost. Most Packards did have the factory heater which was installed on the P-side engine-side firewall and a few had the front underseat heater.

I will be installing a modern, new Vintage Air brand combination air conditioning and heater (A/C&H) system.

Air Conditioning Evaporator

Vintage Air "Gen-IV Magnum" (#671400-VUZ) evaporator is my selection. It measures 26"L, 10½H & 10½D. It is an air conditioning evaporator and heater combination unit. It is large, but designed for 1950s cars like the Panther. With the old vacuum-tube AM radio, amplifier & speaker removed from behind the P-side dash, there will be plenty of room for this large evaporator and its ducting.

The fresh air inlet is in line with the P-side vent hole:

A/C Outlets

The air conditioning cold air outlets will be in the dash. The round (actually D-shape internally) ashtrays on each end of the dash will be replaced by round directional swivel outlets such as this one from RestoModAir:

The rectangular AM radio head unit in the upper center of the dash will be replaced by a directional rectangular outlet such as this one from RestoModAir:

Heater & defroster Outlets

The Vintage Air evaporator comes with its own pair of heater outlets.

A/C&H Bulkhead Connector

RestoModAir has a very nice CNC aluminum bulkhead connector for both the A/C and heater plumbing:

NOTE: This subproject is ongoing...to be continued.

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