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1955-56 Show Cars

1955 Request

The Request was designed by Dick Teague after the 1955 production styling was completed. He started with a 1955 400. He only reworked the hood and created horizontal half bumpers with large inboard chome bombs ("Dagmars") to house the parking lamps. The magnificent vertical radiator was contemporary yet formal. The Request was well received on the auto show circuit in 1955. It left S-P in 1957 but was discovered by a collector in 1974 who restored it. There's only one and because many Packard owners had requested a vertical grille, it's name was perfect.

1956 Predictor

The Predictor was another Dick Teague design (boy, that guy was good wasn't he?). It was the Packard show car for the 1956 show circuit. It presaged what would have been the design theme for the 1957 Packards which were never produced. The Predictor has many interesting features such as sliding roof panels, a Balboa-style retracting rear window, swiveling front bucket seats, wrap around & wrap over windshield. It also had a larger V-8, enhanced Twin-Ultramatic and 2nd generation Torsion-Level suspension. The Predictor still exists today and can be seen at the Studebaker National Museum.

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