Mission Statement

To enlighten the world about the 1955-56 Packard V-8 engine & the great cars that it propelled, to preserve & maintain them and to extend that superb engineering into the present day.


While the subject cars have long been included by their respective single-marque clubs in the brick-n-mortar world, online venues have become more popular in recent years, bringing a variety of good people together from across the country - people who might never have met otherwise.

Yet, one sentiment that kept coming up in the public light of the internet is that these cars suffer from a distinct lack of support and some bad reputations fueled by myths. Whether that situation was the result of being lost in the crowd of other models or some form of snobbery is not so important, but it seemed that many owners of these cars were looking for more than what the traditional clubs have to offer.

Ultimately, two intrepid V8 Packard owners - Eric Boyle and Craig Hendrickson stepped up to the plate and established this highly-focused online club on October 1, 2005.

A Virtual Club

The Packard V8 Club is a virtual club. It is NOT affiliated with any other car club -- existing or defunct. Membership is free and open to everyone. Ownership of a Packard V-8 vehicle is not required. No password is required to access the pages on this website. On line message board discussion and additional information is available at PackardInfo.com on the V-8 (1955-56) forum. Registration there is required to post, but it is also free.