Solving the Oil Pump Problem!

The Solution

The solution involved determining which automotive oil pump could be adapted to the Packard V-8. This oil pump must be:

  • higher capacity than the original Packard oil pump
  • From a relatively common application
  • Commercially available
  • New production (not remanufactured from old cores)
  • Reasonably priced

Figuring out how to adapt it was a collaborative effort over a period of time by several individuals. The primary contributors were Eric Boyle, Keith Lummus, Craig Hendrickson and Kevin, all members of the Packard V-8 Club.

Eric Boyle, after trial fitting many other oil pumps, determined that a used oil pump from a Oldsmobile 350CID Diesel engine held the most promise. He then purchased a new Melling brand oil pump to continue measurements and pursue adaption ideas with the others.

Keith Lummas also purchased a Melling brand oil pump for the Oldsmobile 350/400/455 gasoline engine and made several paper and wood mockup adapters to determine more fitment details.

Craig Hendrickson put forth the adapter he had designed and made for his full-flow oil filter conversion as a model for continued development. Craig also purchased the Melling pump plus the high volume pickup and original driveshaft. Craig then gave design guidance, basic materials and a Packard block, crank & oil pan to Tom Johnson, a local retired machinist who became interested in the project.

Kevin volunteered his 1955 352CID V-8 as the first engine to be fitted with the Olds High Volume oil pump. Coincidently, Kevin had already arranged with Craig to rebuild this engine. Although a separate development, Craig's full-flow oil filter conversion was also to be fitted. On Kevin's engine, the two developments would be integrated as one system, although this is not necessary. Either the Olds oil pump or the full-flow conversion can be fitted separately.

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