Solving the Oil Pump Problem!

The REAL problem

To arrive at a real solution to the Packard V-8 oil system dilemma, one has to face the brutal fact that the original Packard oil pump design was at best inadequate and maybe even a failure! The REAL solution will be a two phase effort.

  • Find out WHY the original Packard oil pump (in whatever incarnation) is inadequate.
  • Find a new, available and affordable oil pump that pumps more oil than the original and can be adapted to the Packard V-8.

Since none of the previous "fixes" worked, one has to ask why is that?

Going back to basics of "how does that work?", an oil pump spins at half engine speed (same as the distributor off which it is driven). An automotive oil pump achieves it's pumping effect by moving a pair of gears (one driven, the other a satellite) which displace volume per unit time around the outside of the space between the pump housing and the gear teeth. All else being resonable, a oil flows thru the pump by following this space between the gear teeth and the pump housing. This volume is equal to the space between the teeth times two per unit time, i.e., the oil volume output depends directly on the driven speed. Any excess volume (more oil than the engine needs) results in a higher internal pump pressure, which is bled off thru some pressure control mechanism. This pressure control is usually a check ball and spring dumping excess oil back into the oil pan sump. OK, so much for oil pump basics.

Why might the original Packard oil pump be inadequate? Well, consider the environment in which the pump had to operate. First, there are leaks everywhere! All bearings are leaking (they are supposed to). All the hydraulic lifters are leaking (ditto). The timing chain is being oiled off the front cam bearing (controlled by the notorious thrust plate). And, there is also a "bypass oil filter" fitted to the Packard V-8. This only filters the oil that makes it out of the front of the driver side head. It is nothing less than a controlled leak

So, with all these controlled leaks, what's a pump to do? Answer: keep up with the leaks! Well, simply stated, the original Packard oil pump could not keep up with the leaks, particularly after the engine and oil pump had some wear inside.

How do you fix this? The answer is that you can't!
Instead, you need a new, different design pump with more volume and pressure.

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