Hot Rod Magazine, February 1957, 1st page

Here's what happens when you It was a happy day for motorists in general, when the big wheels who design the automobiles most of us drive got the "go" fever not so long ago and borrowed some of the hot rodders' sacred devices to make them stock equipment on their formerly dull machines. The men of Detroit, Dearborn, South Bend, etc., started their revolution slowly. First, they dumped the L-head design. Then they started boring and stroking, annexed dual exhaust systems, upped compression ratios, went crazy with big valves and wilder cam grinds, added four-throat carburetors and then dual four-throats, and then leveled off with a better ignition system through the use of twelve volts. All this added up to quite agreeable transportation that was something of a pleasant shock to the average Joe who, before this...
"throw the book" at your ...
Inset: Don Clark, of C-T Automotive at Bonneville with 414-Cubic inch Stude built for Jack Lankert of Dallas, Texas.

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