Full Flow Oil Filter Conversion

Fitting the remote filter

The upper fittings can be done different ways. The pictures show one way which clears the road pipe, the distributor and retains the oil pressure gauge sender. The hose is custom made.

The lower hose is also custom made and connects with a 3/8NPT to -10AN adapter to the hole in the side of the block below the pan rail.

Using a commercial kit, the remote oil filter is mounted on the side of the firewall and will be mostly hidden from view by the fender. The filter can be easily changed with access from below. The hoses are routed behind the heater box, also to hide them from view. MAKE SURE that the lower hose is connected to the INLET of the oil filter. The OUTLET from the filter is connected to the upper hose.

Be sure to take off the original Bypass oil filter and plug the hole in the Driver-side head and the hole in the block near the oil filler tube.

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