Full Flow Oil Filter Conversion

Fitting the block

The lower fittings and connections reroute the oil flow from the new Olds oil pump to the outside of the block via the modified holes in the pan rail area.

Use 3/8NPT to -10AN adapter fittings in both the inside hole and the oil pump. The oil pump must be drilled and tapped at the location shown. WARNING: You better know what you are doing when you drill and tap the Olds oil pump! Also, put the nearest bolt in loose BEFORE installing the fitting!

The discharge hole in the oil pump adapter block MUST be drilled and tapped and plugged with 3/8NPT plug.

Custom make -10AN hose to connect the oil pump fitting to the pan rail fitting. WARNING: You had better know what you are doing when you assemble this hose! To facilitate final assembly, leave the oil pump bolts loose while attaching the hose. Then tighten everything up alternately.

Here's a parts list from Summit Racing (these parts can also be purchased from a variety of sources, but Summit is probably the cheapest):
SUM-220066 (2 each) -10AN to 3/8NPT male fittings
SUM-220086 (1 each) 45deg -10AN hose end
SUM-220087 (1 each) 90deg -10AN hose end
SUM-230003 (3ft) -10AN steel braided hose

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