Everett Hatch's '56 Clipper Super 2dr Hardtop

As of mid-1957
CAMSHAFTIskenderian E-2 solid lifter grind using Isky chilled iron lifters and Isky adjustable tubular pushrods
WEIGHTApproximately 4600 lbs CYL HEADSMilled .100 for compression ratio increase, intakes and exhausts ported, valve pockets and combustion chambers cleaned up and reworked.
COLORBlack, interior blue
ENGINE352 CID V-8, 4x3 1/2 bore and stroke, extensively modified. Cyl bores honed .002 for total clearance of .003 using the original Packard pistons. INTAKE MANIFOLDPackard Caribbean dual four-barrel with Rochester 4GC carburetors
IGNITIONSpaulding Flame Thrower dual coil distributor
RODSLightened by hand grinding which included the removal of the factory balance lugs, then rebalanced. EXHAUSTStock except for mufflers which are Douglass straight through type, four mufflers total, two on each side
CRANKSHAFT The entire forging (outside of the factory machined or ground areas) was carefully cleaned and contoured with a die grinder. The bearing journals were polished for an additional .0005 oil clearance. The crankshaft was shipped to Edelbrock for balancing. TRANSMISSION Factory Borg-Warner T86 3-speed with overdrive.
REAR END 4.88 gears from Willys heavy duty pickup. Power Loc differential, '49 Lincoln center section with Packard axle housings welded to it. Stock '56 Packard axle shafts were used.
FLYWHEEL Schiefer aluminum with bronze facing. SUSPENSION Factory torsion bar with shortened pedestals and a three position switch for manual control.
CLUTCHSchiefer 11 inch.

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