Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Transport

Kevin chose to have fellow PV-8C member Craig take charge of the engine overhaul. The logistics problem was that Kevin resides in Tucson, AZ and Craig resides in Pahrump, NV, several hundred miles apart. Fortunately, Kevin's in-laws and a mutual Packard-friend Paul both live in Las Vegas. So during a family visit during Thanksgiving 2005, Kevin loaded his engine in his small trailer and towed it behind his wife's Suburban to his in-laws in Las Vegas, but dropping off his engine at Paul's. A couple of weeks later, Craig and his local friend, Bud picked up the engine at Paul's and transported it to Pahrump.

The only remaining issue was to HOW to secure the heavy Packard V-8 for safe transport. At Craig's suggestion, Kevin had a local friend build a welded engine cradle.

The 700lb Packard V-8 engine will be well secured with this welded steel square tube custom cradle. It attaches firmly to the engine at the rear to the lower cover bolt holes and at the front to the engine mounts. The mount disassembles neatly into 2 U-shaped pieces and a strap brace.

Kevin already owned this small trailer to transport the engine. He did not load it in the back of his Pickup Truck because they were using his wife's Suburban for the trip to Las Vegas.

Bolting the cradle to the trailer bed assures that it will not move.

To transport Kevin's 352 from Las Vegas to Pahrump, NV, Bud's Ford Pickup truck was used. Bud and Paul secure the engine on the cradle to the truck bed using tiedown straps to assure that it will not move.

Click here for additional pictures of the custom engine cradle.

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