Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Removal

Obviously, the first step in any engine overhaul is to remove the engine from the car. In the case of Kevin's 1955 Packard 400, the front clip or "dog house" had already been removed for a complete front suspension overhaul.

Notice that the engine is separate from the Twin-Ultramatic transmission. The T-U MUST be supported independently with all connecting bolts removed. If the engine and tranny are removed together, then use a Engine Lift Plate (better) or a (best) rather than a strap wrapped around the intake manifold (shown).

The 700lb Packard V-8 engine suspended on the engine hoist. Make sure the hoist you use is rated at at least 1,000lbs (engine plus transmission)! A steel A-frame with chain hoist is also suitable for engine removal & install. Do NOT use the wooden rafters in your garage instead! (This sounds dumb, but this has been tried before more than once with unfriendly consequences).

The Packard V-8 attached to a suitable engine stand (at least 750lb rating). Grade-5 bolts are acceptably strong. Try to adjust the cross ties to center the engine stand pivot tube 1 or 2 inches direclty above the crank centerline. In any case, you'll need help rotating the heavy Packard V-8 (see Disassembly section for one method).

"Man's best friend" guarding the Packard V-8!

Click here for additional pictures of the removed 1955 Packard 352CID V-8.

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