Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Disassembly: top end

Intake manifold has been removed. Neither gasket showed signs of leaking. Note the separate "valley cover", Chevy guys!

Other than some caked oil residue, there were no unseemly parts (broken springs, etc) or other problems noted.

All the rocker arm tips were in excellent shape. No excessive movement noted of the arms on the shaft was apparent. The arms were not removed from the shaft at this time, but will be later.

The block with both heads removed. The teenagers were instructed to leave one head bolt in finger tight on each head. Then Bud loosened the heads at the corners with a big screwdriver and mallet. Bud & Craig lifted the heads off and placed them on a Workmate table.

Although not shown, the end ports of one head were tested for valve seat leaks by pouring some alcohol into them. Only a couple of minor leaks were observed. Also, it was noted that the exhaust valves were pounded down a little compared to the intakes -- a typical situation caused by unleaded gas. The heads were then left standing on end out of the way.

Not shown was the removal of the balancer and the front cover. A 6in 3-prong gear puller was used to remove the balancer. Notice that the hub has a groove in it. This can be repaired.

This seal is hard and will be replaced.

With the front cover off, the slack in the worn out timing chain is shown. At least the timing chain will be replaced.

The hydraulic valve lifters were removed one by one and stored in order in a purpose-made cardboard box. Due to the amount of hardened oil residue (varnish) on the lower part of the lifters, the lifters were actually removed from the bottom AFTER the crank and camshaft were removed. Without this problem, the lifters could have been removed from the top with the camshaft in place.

All the lobes of the camshaft looked excellent with almost no wear. The bottom of the lifters were equally as good. They will be reused since Kevin has no need for a purpose ground (higher performance) camshaft.


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