Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Disassembly: Students

In addition, an instructional disassembly will be conducted for the hands-on benefit of two teenagers. Local friends and fellow-car enthusiasts Bud's 15 year old son James and Dean's 13 year old daughter Shelly would do the "dirty work" of unbolting (hand tools only) of most parts under the direct and constant supervision and instruction of Craig, Bud and Dean. The teenagers are interested and enthusiastic and the adults want to keep the torch passing to the younger generation!

Shelly removes the spark plugs. Originally it was planned to run a compression test on the engine cradle, but the starter would not spin the engine over fast enough, even though the battery was charged enough. The engine was then put on the engine stand.

James drains any remaining oil from the pan. Some old oil had been added prior to the aborted compression testing (Kevin had drained all the oil before transport).

James and Shelly unbolt the intake manifold. 3 of the 4 center studs came out with it's nut. All related parts were bagged and marked by the teenagers during disassembly -- a good procedure for anybody disassembling any collector car components.


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