Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Assembly: Installing heads and valve train

With the short block assembly complete, the engine is rotated 180-deg on the engine stand (not shown) in anticipation of assembling the major top end components.

Shown is one of the assembled cylinder heads after being blown off by compressed air. The heads came assembled from the machine shop in plastic bags. Not shown is the stock steel head gaskets with Coppercoat gasket sealant applied.

We first laid the head gaskets on the block using the dowel rings for location. Then we placed one head on the deck surface. Note the use of a couple of loosely installed head bolts to assure that the head does not go anywhere. Not shown is that two guys lifted and placed each head holding with fingers in the intake and exhaust ports. Easier on the old lower back that way!

Although not the clearest picture, the rocker shaft assemblies have been completely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled one at a time, retaining the exact order of all parts.

After inserting each valve lifter back into it's original bore, the pushrods are placed into position. While the location of the lifters is critical, the pushrods are interchangeable and either end can be up.

Although not shown, all head bolts were tightened to 20lb-ft, 40lb-ft and then 65lb-ft following the sequence shown in the Packard Service Manual. Here's the installed heads and valve train. Because of the weight the "Cherry picker" is used to support the front of the engine assembly. The intake manifold, distributor, etc will be installed by Kevin later at his home garage.

Bud Brownell maneuvers the ready-to-load Packard 374 with it's engine cradles. It will be bolted down to the same small trailer that Kevin used to haul it to Las Vegas. Note that the oil pan, valve covers (visible), valley cover and timing cover (not visible) are installed. All other openings were covered with duct tape and/or plastic sheet.

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