Kevin's Engine Overhaul Project

Engine Assembly: Completing the short block assembly

Although measuring and installing the crank, pistons, etc. are the most time consuming part of an engine assembly, the short block is not yet complete. This section shows the highlights of what else is necessary.

Install the oil pump onto the rear main cap. Easier said than done because Kevin's engine will be the first with the Packard V-8 Club adaption of the Oldsmobile High Volume oil pump & pickup with full-flow oil filter conversion! See those sections on this website for more info.

There are 14 plugs to install in the Packard block. Kevin is installing one of 6 freeze plugs in the side of the block. There are 2 expansion plugs needed at the front of both lifter bore galleries. There are two 3/8NPT plugs at the rear of lifter bore oil galleries. There are two 1/4NPT plugs (or coolant drain spigots) for each side of the water jacket near the pan rail. Finally, there is an expansion plug at the back of the cam and an expansion plug to cover the access hole for one of the 3/8NPT plugs inside near the distributor.

The stock length (about 1-7/8") key for the crankshaft snout is TOO SHORT! Thanks to Eric Boyle for figuring this out and supplying a longer (2-1/4") key. Here, Bud Brownell shows the curved shape required to fully seat the longer key. BTW, what looks like black grease on the block in the above picture is actually one of the new Glad brand "Force Flex" 30 gallon plastic bags.

Once the above key is installed, the new timing chain is installed using the original gears. Note the position of the timing marks (arrows) and the crank keyway (the timing gear mark can be installed straight up or straight down because it rotates at half crank speed). The fuel pump eccentric assembly holds the top gear in place against the camshaft. As shown, both number one and six cylinders are at top-dead-center.


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